👨🏾‍💻 About Me

Helping SaaS founders and agency owners succeed with cold outreach


Who Am I?

  • Full-Time Program Manager, Sales Development @ Stripe
  • Former Enterprise Account Executive @ Yelp
  • Career Tech Salesperson
  • Podcaster


Why I help SaaS founders and agency owners succeed with cold outreach

Simple: Because there’s a massive need and too much bad advice out there

In every sales job I’ve had I’ve always been tasked with generating new business. Every company wants new business but not surprisingly cold outreach success eludes most who try. One of the hardest things to do in business is acquire a new customer.

Most of the advice online about cold outreach features outdated templates and strategies that simply don’t work. Most of this content is rehashed blog posts and articles written by people who have never sold anything before.

I’ve spent the last 10 years immersing myself in outbound sales. Learning through thousands of cold calls and cold emails; experimenting with different tactics and strategies; and digging into copywriting, persuasion, and human psychology to grasp the underlying causes of what makes people say “yes” to outreach. 

SaaS founders and agency owners are positioned to do well with cold outreach because they control their offers and tech stack, typically solve a specific pain point, and have customers that are used to doing business over the phone and via email.

I created my podcast, website, community, and newsletter to share what I know that works so you can succeed with cold outreach too.


What I'm Working On

  1. 🧑🏾 I’m a Program Manager at Stripe supporting our Sales Development team. I lead and collaborate on projects that advance our outbound sales strategy.
  2. 🎙️ On my podcast - Hey {First Name}, an insider’s guide to outbound sales - I  interview SaaS founders, agency owners, and offer my own unique insight about proven cold outreach tactics that get replies and book meetings so you can quickly grow MRR without wasting time on things that don’t work. 
  3. 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏾 My online community, Cold Outreach Mastery, is a place where SaaS founders, agency owners, and others gather to discuss what’s working for them, get answers to questions, and learn about new cold outreach strategies and tactics. Join on Facebook here.
  4. 📰 I write a weekly newsletter where I include 1 practical, actionable tip that you can implement immediately to get replies and book meetings with cold outreach. Subscribe here.
  5. 📚 I’ve been interviewed on several podcasts, mentioned in articles, and have guest posted for multiple websites (see below). I’m very grateful that the owners of these platforms gave me a chance to connect and provide value to their audiences. 🙂


The "Secret" to Outbound

Outbound sales doesn't have to be complicated. One scroll of Facebook or LinkedIn will show you a ton of gurus who will make you think otherwise but successful outbound campaigns really only boil down to a few key steps:

  1. Targeting 🎯: Who are you reaching out to and why?
  2. Offer & Copy 🎁 ✍🏾: What are you offering your prospects and how are you explaining your offer to them?
  3. Outreach 🤝🏾: How are you reaching out to them - channels used, frequency, etc.
  4. Tech Setup 💻: What tools are you using to find leads, send outreach messages, and stay out of the spam box?
  5. Mindset & Metrics 🧠 📊 : What end result are you optimizing for and what are you looking at to measure progress?

If you can become proficient in each step, your outbound campaigns will get replies and generate sales meetings.


The Evolution of the 'Hey {First Name}' Podcast

I started my podcast in March 2019 as "The B2B Sales Tech Podcast" which focused on how my guests were leveraging sales technology.

In July 2020 I rebranded my podcast as "Outbound Metrics" and got more specific in my interviews about outbound sales campaigns that my guests launched in the past (audio case studies). Everything from how they built lists, their email copy, open rates, reply rates, and revenue generated.

In July 2022 I rebranded the podcast as "Hey {First Name}, An Insider's Guide to Outbound Sales". In this iteration of the podcast I'm making it more organized, more accessible / easier to understand for people who are new to outbound, and putting more focus on the structure of each episode in addition to sound quality. Each episode will fit into one (or more) of the five key steps above so you'll always know how each episode fits into the big picture.


Featured On

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"5 Creative Ways to Generate Leads You’ve Probably Never Tried Before" (Lead Liaison, Guest Post)

"Why Your LinkedIn Client Acquisition Method Isn’t Working (and What to Do Instead)" (Business 2 Community, Contributor Post)

WhyIPodcast.fm: "Morgan Williams, The B2B Sales Tech Podcast - Ep. 010" (Podcast)

"Successful Cold Outreach with Morgan Williams” (Startup Sales, Podcast)

"Ultimate Guide to Email Sequences" (Freshworks, Featured in Article)


People I've Helped in the Past

Patrick Frank, Founder and CEO, Patchbay Media and Editvideocalls.com


Stefan Ciancio, Co-Founder, WebinarKit


Damola Osibona, Founder and CEO, Quantum Scaler


Arvell Craig, Founder and CEO, Chatbot Funnels


Kenny Schumacher, CEO, Delesign


Sayonee Sharif, Product Marketer, Total Cloud


Julian Perera, Founder, Pooches Aroma


Edvinas Liuima, Founder, Air Plugin


"I reached out to Morgan to discuss some of the ideas I had for a cold email copywriting tool. Morgan is exceptionally knowledgeable about copywriting, being a student of old school copywriting books and techniques. He has the heart of a writer, even though he may be doing sales for a living. And I have a suspicion that that's what makes him exceptional at sales. Being able to empathise and communicate with his prospects comes from honing that craft of copywriting, day in, day out. He was very very helpful to me and I will recommend him wholeheartedly for any business endeavors."


  Saurav Gupta, Co-Founder, AliceAI


"I had an amazing opportunity to talk with Morgan on my podcast about a cold outreach. And even though I am a sales geek and love listening to sales podcasts, I still learned A LOT from him. His creative way of thinking when it comes to reaching out to cold prospects and turning them into customers is something you don't get to see that often – and that's what makes him unique. If you're in B2B and you need more sales, Morgan is your guy."


Jakub Zajíček, Co-Founder & CEO, Speak On Podcasts


"I worked with Morgan to build a cold outreach framework to bring in free-trial users for my SaaS company. Morgan was able to provide me with a simple yet powerful process designed to persuade prospects (Founders/C-Level) to respond to my outreach efforts and influence them to give our software a test drive. He wrote great email copy and gave me some helpful feedback on how I can get new users with cold email."


  Martin Wong, Co-Founder, Mailfloss


"Morgan worked as an inside sales and lead generation consultant for our B2B lead generation agency. He quickly became a top performer on our sales team and was able to rapidly show a positive ROI. Not only was he able to close deals on the leads that we were giving him but he also proved that he could both generate his own leads/sales meetings (using LinkedIn and cold email campaigns) and close them. He has a firm grasp on how to create and execute outbound lead generation and sales campaigns."


  Curtis Bendt, VP of Sales, Market Joy


"Had the chance to have a valuable conversation with Morgan, when it comes to understanding buyer personas, buyer profile, sales process, sales cycle, inbound and outbound outreach, he has a wide understanding when it comes to SaaS services and his experience was a great addition to my industry and strategies."


  Fernando Alvarez, Solution Development Representative, CloudTask


"Morgan is great at what he does. I hired him to generate leads for my marketing agency, and within a week my phone was buzzing with emails every couple hours. He actually delivered more leads than what was in our agreement without me even asking. Thats the kind of person he is. If you need warm leads for your business, Morgan is definitely your guy."


  Nick Dettore, Founder and CEO, Adspring


"Morgan has a fascinating approach to B2B cold outreach. He combines his knowledge of human behavior, psychology, and direct response copywriting with technology in a way that gets prospects to respond. He knows what makes people tick and uses that to construct effective lead generation campaigns."


Chase Dimond, Partner, Boundless Labs


Get in Touch

If you want to start a conversation, reach out to me on Facebook messenger, LinkedIn, or send me a good ‘ol fashioned email.