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Unique and Insightful

Morgan does a great job at getting to true outbound tactics backed with data that work! This is one of the more unique pods I’ve listened to. Highly recommended!

Must listen!

Fantastic platform to learn about lead generation

Solid business lead generation

I loved the interview with Chase Diamond about his process for using cold email to generate leads for his email list and how he follows up with prospects.

Not My Cup of Tea But...

Normally this stuff isn't on my radar but Morgan creates an educational podcast that is as informative as it is entertaining.

Love this!

Such an educational and entertaining tech podcast! I’m a fan!

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!

Highly recommend

Very entertaining and informational. If you’re in sales, and not listening— you’re missing out

Professional & Purposeful

Outbound Metrics is a well-produced podcast with high quality audio. Plus, it’s a rare find: a podcast with real-life applications. Anyone interested in finding strategies for success should definitely check out this show! The interviews are insightful and informative, and the advice provided can be applied to many different career fields.


I really enjoyed this podcast. I am not a business owner but found myself making mental notes on how I can apply these mind nuggets in my day to day life and podcast. Give it a go. Subscribe and listen now!

Every SaaS founder and salesperson needs to listen to this!

This podcast is a great way to stay on top of what’s working right now in B2B SaaS sales. I always get a ton of great information out of these episodes and the guests always have great tactics to share. 5 stars!

Great Insights and professionalism

This podcast gave me a few things to think about and implemented, it's a great place to get ongoing education when it comes to outreach and sales strategies. I recommended to all tech sales professionals out there, oh and for salespeople in general, something that is a must, is following Morgan on LinkedIn, great content there as well. Cheers on the content

The only show of its kind!

I’m usually skeptical of new podcasts but this one is solid. The content is valuable, actionable, and in-depth. The host brings on great guests, asks insightful questions, and I always learn something new.