June 16, 2019

#016: How to Book More Demos and Discovery Calls Today with Shawn Finder

#016: How to Book More Demos and Discovery Calls Today with Shawn Finder

Shawn Finder is the CEO & Co-Founder of Autoklose, a revolutionary sales automation platform that is used by 3000+ sales professionals around the world to help them automate tedious tasks so they can focus on selling. Autoklose features automated lead generation software, an email drip campaign management tool, and various different CRM integrations.

Shawn has a background in sales and entrepreneurship. He successfully founded ExchangeLeads, a B2B data company, and parlayed it into Autoklose. In this episode, he talks about making videos, the importance of self branding, and why the Autoklose team built a community through social media before they had a product.

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