Jan. 13, 2020

#046: How to Scale Cold Email to Acquire 100,000+ Users with Chase Dimond

#046: How to Scale Cold Email to Acquire 100,000+ Users with Chase Dimond

Chase Dimond is the Co-Founder of Boundless Labs, a top e-commerce email marketing agency. Since launching Boundless Labs in June of 2018,  the company has helped their clients send hundreds of millions of emails resulting in over $25 million in email attributable revenue. A few of their clients include: The Chive,  Original Grain, TUSHY and Vinyl Me Please. Chase has used cold email to scale a product he built, marketed, and managed to 500,000 visitors in 6 months without spending a single traditional advertising dollar; acquire 500,000 subscribers in 10 months for a travel email newsletter he helped launch with spending very little traditional advertising dollars; and drive over 350,000 unique clicks and responses via cold email campaigns in 2017. In this episode, he talks about his process for scaling cold email, the technical side of handling campaigns this large, and a few simple ways you can use creativity and automation to boost your positive reply rates from cold email.

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