Jan. 21, 2020

#047: How to Leverage Your CRM to Sell More Effectively with David Masover

#047: How to Leverage Your CRM to Sell More Effectively with David Masover

David is a Sales Consultant and Owner of David Masover Sales Consulting. Sales and company leaders hire David when they want more of their leads to convert into opportunities, more effective movement of opportunities into and out of rep pipelines, and more visibility and control for management over those processes. Having worked in sales and sales management since 1991, he’s seen first hand how reps and organizations struggle to get consistent and focused results, how management struggles to move the collective needle, and how hard it can seem to even find the right levers to make a meaningful impact.

David is the author of "The Salesman's Guide to Dating", "Mastering Your Sales Process" and "Managing the Sales Process". His published works all embody the essence of the work that he does with his private coaching and consulting clients, and captures the lessons learned in his career and through his efforts to improve the effectiveness of his peers, staff, trainees and clients.

In this episode, he discusses the biggest mistakes companies make when using a CRM, how to select the best CRM for your business, and how sales leaders can best align with their sales teams through the use of a CRM.

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