April 28, 2020

#061: How to Close More Deals in Your Sales Pipeline with Nicolas Vandenberghe

#061: How to Close More Deals in Your Sales Pipeline with Nicolas Vandenberghe

Nicolas Vandenberghe is the Co-Founder & CEO of Chili Piper, a tool that turns inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly. Nicolas started selling newspapers on the streets of Paris in high school, after studying math as an undergrad and then attending Stanford Business School, he, started and sold 3 tech companies with up to 65 employees and $11M in revenues, ran Sales for a $2Bn telecom company negotiating billion dollar deals with companies like Google, and is the now Co-Founder and CEO of Chili Piper. Chili Piper  is used by Intuit, Square, Twilio, Gainsight and more than 300+ thought-leading companies worldwide for multiple use cases, from connecting prospects to sales reps instantly upon submitting a form to automating their on-boarding process. In this episode, we discuss what it takes to be a top performing salesperson, two qualities successful software salespeople share in common, and how anyone can start closing more deals in their sales pipeline.

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