June 23, 2020

#069: How to Sell During Hard Times with Niraj Kapur

#069: How to Sell During Hard Times with Niraj Kapur

Niraj Kapur is an expert sales coach, trainer, and bestselling author. Niraj has trained salespeople at large companies like Barclay’s and over 300 SME’s on sales strategies, techniques, and selling with integrity. In his book, Everybody Works In Sales, he tells his life story of nonstop failure and his rise to success. For Niraj, It’s not just how much you know, it’s how much you take action on. Also, Learning and implementing are major keys to success in sales and business. In this episode, we discuss how excel in sales during a recession, how to execute when life gets the best of you, and what it takes to build a successful career in sales (in any economy).

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