Dec. 14, 2020

#094: (Re-Air) Outbound + Inbound Hybrid: FB/LI post (100+ engagements) > DM's (10 - 15 calls) > 20% close rate (Lloyd Yip)

#094: (Re-Air) Outbound + Inbound Hybrid: FB/LI post (100+ engagements) > DM's (10 - 15 calls) > 20% close rate (Lloyd Yip)

What if you could spend all your time talking to prospects who you knew were 100% interested in what you have to offer? Instead of wasting time with tire kickers and price shoppers, you would only speak with people you knew you could bring the most value

There’s always been a debate about what’s better - inbound or outbound leads - inbound leads are easier to sell to but the volume of inbound leads usually aren’t as high as outbound. With outbound you can more or less control your own destiny but since you’re starting cold - it usually takes much more time, energy, and education to successfully sell to them

My guest today is going to show us how to have the best of both worlds - the high-intent of inbound mixed with the scalability of outbound. We go very deep into implementation in this one - principles, strategies, and tactics. All that good stuff. By the end of this episode, you’ll know exactly how to find interested prospects on demand, get them to reach out to you, and engage them in a sales conversation in a non-salesy way.

Lloyd Yip is the Founder of Attract & Scale. he helps online entrepreneurs selling high-ticket solutions and products scale from zero to multi-six figures in profit organically, in under a year.

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