Feb. 8, 2021

#102: (Re-Air) Cold Calling + LinkedIn + Email: 1,000 touches/yr. > 300 discovery calls > 150 demos > 20 closed deals (Alexine Mudawar)

#102: (Re-Air) Cold Calling + LinkedIn + Email: 1,000 touches/yr. > 300 discovery calls > 150 demos > 20 closed deals (Alexine Mudawar)

Imagine being brand new in a sales role - it’s your first day on the job. You sit at your desk and all you have is your phone, your computer, and a list of prospects to contact. How would you bring in new business? Where would you start?

My guest in this episode will reveal how to do this and more - She’s a tech sales rep here in Chicago and she’s made a name for herself in the industry by being an extremely diligent, skilled, and fearless prospector. She’s not afraid to pick up the phone and reach out to prospects day after day to set new meetings and drive in new business.

If you’re looking to drive in new business from scratch using the phone. Pay attention to this entire episode until the very end as my guest brings tons of value all throughout our conversation. Stay tuned.

Alexine Mudawar is a Major Account Executive at Displayr. Displayr is an all-in-one statistical analysis and reporting tool designed for survey data. Analyze, visualize and share beautiful dashboards & interactive reports.

Carrying 7+ years of SaaS sales experience, Alexine is backed by numerous President’s Club awards, quarterly high achievement recognitions, and a consistent track record of surpassing quota. Outside of her day-to-day sales role, she's an Adjunct Professor and teaches sales courses for Aspireship, Victory Lap, and Re:Work Training. Alexine is also a champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and has founded two women-focused Employee Resource Groups.

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